Atlanta’s Traffic Can Be a Horror However, Alternative Ideas Make For Interesting Travel

Atlanta’s traffic has been a major concern for many years, as the population grows so does the traffic.  Places that should only take 10 to 15 mins to travel can take up to an hour during certain times of the day, specifically during your commute to work.  That alone takes away time away from home, having to leave an hour earlier just to get to work on time.  Traffic is bumper to bumper during the morning commute and just as bad on the return home which is commonly known as the five o’clock traffic jam.

Atlanta’s traffic has been the reason why some businesses refuse to make Atlanta its home.  According to some public officials, bad traffic has had a negative effect on the economy by company’s refusal to come to Atlanta due to its horrible traffic, which creates a spiraling domino effect.  If business is lost, then jobs are lost, which causes lack in the economy.  Gas prices are high alone and fuel is being wasted just sitting in long hours of traffic and not to mention time lost from being spent at home.


(c) 2013 Infographic by Auto Insurance of Georgia

After speaking with Atlanta resident, Anthony Barr, he tells the story of how difficult it is driving long distances to work and has  resorted to riding his bike and catching the train to save time in his commute.  Barr say’s “I can get to work faster on my bike and  on the train than I can in a car.”   According to Barr, he state’s that it can also become a bit dangerous on the bike because of the    traffic as well.

According to Randy Golden of Randy’s corner, Sonny Perdue, former governor of Georgia has come up with the idea of coordinating traffic lights back in 2012, which would smooth out the flow of traffic.

However an organization called The Atlanta Biking Coalition had come up with a very interesting alternative to driving, not to do away with driving altogether.  But,  to lessen the congestion of traffic, the idea of what is called bike share feasibility to get around small areas in town doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  It’s safe, a great way to exercise and a convenient way to travel once the whole plan is put into place and implemented.

The idea of the program is to open a cyclist lane for travel and there’s even a place to park a bike or pick up a bike to get to your next stop. You wouldn’t have to transfer to a bus, you can just pick up a bike at the next kiosk. The idea is to expand the idea and attract more people to cycling.

The idea has spread to a few universities and other smaller residential communities and are hoping to grow into larger communities, but for now is considered a great start to a good idea that will be good for people in the communities, which can be cost effective, beneficial to businesses, pleasing to residents and a welcome feel for visitors.






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