The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Family




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Prevention is the Best Protection

CarolineTolbert, The wife of Gospel Recording artist, Terrell Tolbert of Atlanta Ga. briefly discusses how the family has to deal with the heartache and trials of losing not just one, but two loved ones to the devastating Disease of HIV/AIDS.  According to Mitchell both brother and sister died of the AIDS virus in the same year of 1989, just months apart.  When a family member becomes sick or even dies everyone suffers, very rarely does it happen to two members of the same immediate family at the same time, which is a double impact.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “African Americans are the racial ethnic group most affected by HIV in the United States.”



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In 2010 an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections cases among adults and adolescents were African Americans, and although African Americans only represent a small percentage 12%-14% of the country’s population, African Americans account for a higher proportion of HIV infections at every stage of the disease. This epidemic has been increasingly growing, HIV is commonly transmitted through anal, vaginal sex or sharing needles with an infected person.  So, the question would be what is being done to address these concerns and where are they in the curing of the disease?


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There has been recent talk of a cure for HIV/AIDS in some patients, however they are still In the research phase, however there is more room for the hope for a cure today, then ever before.  Just as Caroline has mentioned about certain men not wanting to wear protection, until a cure is found be sure to protect yourself at all times.


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