King of Pops Third Annual Field Day Event, Atlanta

King of Pop’s Third Annual Event Raises Proceeds for a Community Organizations King of Pops 3rd Annual Field Day, is a free fun-filled family event that began three years ago.   This event is filled with carnival games, competitions, food trucks, live bands, surprise guests & much more, the best part is that it’s free to attend.   Not only was there free entry, but attendees also received tickets to try the King of Pops all natural handcrafted pops and a free game.  Now, that’s a great way to start the day on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


King of Pops Entry Sign into the Event, Atlanta (c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin


Parking for the bikers, Atlanta’s King of Pops Field Day. (c) 2013 photo by D. garvin


Hundreds of bikers Parked for the festivities (c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin

Entering into the event.

Arrival into the King of Pops (c) 2013 Photo by d. Garvin


Free Entry to the event, can’t beat that for a family day out. (c) 2013 by D. garvin


Attendees enjoying the taste of fabulous flavors of fruit pops at the Masquerade in Atlanta (c) 2013 photo by D. Garvin

Field Day is also a fundraiser for a local community project and proceeds made from the event will go to that community project.  The attendees are given a sheet with three community projects to choose from.  The program selected with the highest numbers of votes will receive the proceeds raised from the day’s event.


The voting table to determine which community program wins the proceeds made this day. King of Pops at Masquerade in Atlanta. (c) 2013 Photo by D.Garvin


The Crowd sitting watching the stage performance, Atlanta (c) 2013 King of Pops


Food Truck serving natural foods at the King of Pops Field Day Masquerade, Atlanta Ga. (C) 2013 photo by D. Garvin


Hot dog cart at the King of Pops Field Day event in Atlanta at the Masquerade (c) 2013 photo by D. Garvin


Man selling/making hot dogs at the King of Pops Field Day event in Atlanta at the Masquerade (c) 2013 photo by D. Garvin



Mmm…How bout a bite (c) 2013 King of Pops, Atlanta. Photo by D. Garvin

Who is the King of Pops? They are a company that turned fresh fruit into a frozen treat of 350 yummy flavors with an unusual twist.  Flavors with name that includes; Banana Puddin, Bear trap, blackberry ginger lemonade, chocolate sea salt, peach Jalapeno, coconut banana orange,  blueberry lemongrass, pear vanilla, and Kiwi banana honey just to name a few.  Their goal has always been to provide an ecologically responsible, fresh, all natural hand-made pops. They started with one cart and now has 15 plus 3-4 trucks.

According to King of Pop “We here at King of Pops take great pride in our community and want to help our schools, churches, clubs and other civic groups raise funds.  So we designed the KOP Fundraising Program to be simple, profitable and fun. When we went out to those first fundraising events and saw people lining up to purchase pops for a cause, we knew we did just that.” Attendees rave about how great the event is and how good it is to be able to bring the whole family, “it’s a way for the whole family to get out, have lots of fun and spend very little money.”  I will be back next year say’s Rena Killabrew of Atlanta.”


Guitar player sitting at the entrance of the event plays for the people as they arrive & Leave,at the King of Pops Field Day event. (c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin


Clown sings for the crowd at the Masquerade, King of Pops in Atl. (c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin


(c)2013 Masquerade, Atl. Guitarist collects donations while he plays. King of Pops Field Day. Photo by D. Garvin


Guitar player Field Day Event, Atlanta. (C) 2013 photo by D. Garvin


Ashley and Amy tells of how much they enjoy the event and is there to kick back on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (c) 2013


DSC00772DSC00771DSC00768    DSC00709  DSC00706  DSC00707   DSC00695  DSC00693  DSC00691  DSC00676  DSC00697  DSC00696  DSC00671DSC00639   All Photos by D.Garvin (c) 2013 The King of Pops Field Day in Atlanta, Ga. at the Masquerade


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