Germaine Moody “The King of Networking” Bringing People Together To Create Business Opportunities Through Divine Connections

Germaine Moody  Photo by PRweb

Germaine Moody
Photo by (c) 2014

If you missed the networking event this year in Atlanta, then you missed a grand event. Germaine Moody strikes again! He has created fabulous events for the past five years, events that has earned him the title “The King of Networking.” Germaine Moody’s networking event attracts people from all over country and around the world.  Listen as Judy Jones the gracious host of WAEC am Love 860 discuss Moody’s book,  networking event, wine label, successful ventures and Germaine, the man.


Germaine, Judy, Chris (c)2013 Photo by D. Garvin

The Judy Jones Show WAEC am Love 860

This year’s Pre-Grammy networking event was kicked off in Atlanta in January 2014. It’s the launch of Moody’s fifth annual world tour event where entertainment industry professionals of all genres come together to network, connect and celebrate one another’s accomplishments. The tour will not only travel around the country, but around the world including places such as Paris, London, Canada, and Johannesburg just to name a few.

Judy Jones & Germaine Moody Interview by Dawn on Vimeo.

Moody’s Red Carpet Pre-Grammy Event has brought together industry professionals ranging from Music to film and fashion to sports all in the name of networking and if you missed Atlanta’s networking event, fear not, there is more to come from Germaine Moody.

Moody’s not only known as the king of networking, he’s also known for his inspirational writings, including one of his most recent books “50 Seeds of Greatness which was selected to go to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most contributors to a book ever from over 100 countries, so stay tuned for that. With all that he has accomplished in such a short period of time, it’s a pretty sure bet that he will add the world record to his list of accolades. He’s an inspiration to us all, so to those who feel that you are too small to do great things, just take notes from Germaine Moody.  He trusted God, believed in himself, moved in his purpose & created greatness while making divine connections along the way.  Remember, ALL things are possible to those who believe. To learn more about Germaine Moody and his many books, go to  

50 seeds of greatness

You haven’t heard the last of the King of Networking, this young man is doing big things. Moody has his hands in some of everything, including his own wine label called Royal Moody Wine. “Most importantly, I will be introducing international wines to America” says Moody. So, be on the lookout for Germaine’s next venture. According to Moody events, Germaine states “I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring people together once again to create their own opportunities and expand their connections, this is really what life is all about.” For more information on Germaine Moody and his events, you can check out, you haven’t heard the last of him yet, so stay tuned for an event near you.


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