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Here’s a little bit about Dawn.  She’s a native of Buffalo, New York, now resides in Atlanta, Ga.  Her favorite saying  about it is “I use to be a delicious apple, but, now I’m a Georgia peach, however, I’m still the best of both worlds.” Dawn is very independent w/an entrepreneurial spirit and has a reputation for being a hard working go-getter, and don’t mind taking risks.  She’s very passionate about anything she sets her focus on.  Though she has encountered many stumbling blocks along her journey, Dawn never saw it as a hindrance, she simply walked around it. If she can’t get through the front door, she would simply kick in the back door.

Dawn is a Graduate of Full Sail University, with a Master’s degree in New Media Journalism.   Previously she spent 15 years working as an audio visual technician and freelanced for 5 years as a stagehand; learning the in’s and out’s of the business from the ground up.  After being laid off from her job as an audio visual technician, Dawn decided to go back to school to become more marketable and acquired her Bachelor’s in digital filming at (AIU) American Intercontinental University, she has always had an interest in film-making. Though she thought it would be her final destination to her next career goal, she immediately realized that something was still missing and took it a step further.

Knowing it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters, Dawn decided to continue her education by acquiring her Master’s in New Media Journalism at Full Sail University; completely opposite of her desired career choice, she accidentally discovered a new passion in journalism. So, instead of choosing one career over the other, she decided to incorporate the two to create the best of both worlds to become an entertainment journalist in the Atlanta Area, covering entertainment, hard news and social awareness, using multimedia elements as her story-telling vehicle.

Music was Dawn’s  first love, and as an independent contractor, she had the opportunity to work with several acts, ranging from Reba McEntire to the Grateful Dead.  Working as a stagehand in the Atlanta area for 5 years, Dawn learned the in’s and out’s of the  business from the ground up;  loading  & unloading trucks, climbing scaffolding, building stages and setting up production.   However, when she was given the opportunity to tour as production office assistant  she jumped on it.  With no previous experience, she stepped to the plate anyhow.

Later, another opportunity to tour as a wardrobe coordinator soon followed, allowing her the opportunity to work on tours with some of her favorite acts  including, Big Daddy Kane, Bobby BrownNew Edition and Keith Sweat, to name a few (fun times).  Working behind the scenes at the MTV Music Awards as Keith Sweat’s wardrobe coordinator,  was a bonus that increased her desire to be apart of the music industry. Today, journalism helped her to uncover a passion she never knew existed.

So, please join Dawn as she shine the spotlight on Atlanta to get an up close & personal, and a behind-the-scenes look into the buzz & excitement of what Atlanta is all about.  Stay connected and let her know what you think.  🙂

You can download My Media Kit here Garvin Dawn Media Kit and my CV here.


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