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Insurance Just May Be Your New Best Friend

The Value of Insurance, Protect Yourself

This an audio documentary about the value of having insurance as a part of our everyday needs and insurance agent, Richard Horton of American Family Insurance in East Point Georgia discuss how vitally important it is in today’s world to have Insurance.  Insurance today is more than just a basic need; it’s become a vital part of our everyday existence.  You may have never thought about how much you need insurance and for what, however when you really understand how it all works you’ll realize that you need insurance as protection, just as you would protect yourself in your home or a covering over your head, remember to cover yourself with insurance.

There are so many options out there today and now with extra added person attention with some.  There are so many to choose from, but do your homework, be smart and protect yourself with health, everyone needs health insurance, you never know when that medical emergency will happen, life insurance is important because you not only protect yourself, but the your family’s future, and there is car, everyone may not have a car, but remember, if you have a car that’s ten years old or more, full coverage isn’t necessary, so you can pocket what’s left and all business should be covered when you’re dealing with people and the public, it’s to protect yourself.  So, no matter how you look at it, protect and cover your assets, know that there is value in you.


Multi-Media is Changing the Way Consumers Experience the Content they Consume

Multi-Media is Changing the Way Consumers Experience the Content they Consume

Is TV slowly going away?  That’s a question that’s being posed.  According to, back in 2011, they claim people in the U.S had cancelled cable and satellite TV in record numbers.  In 2010, subscription TV showed a small loss, but the in 2011 the loss had become more substantial.  It’s assumed that the decrease was due to the unemployment rate and the declining housing market, which made people more frugal with their spending. Question, why spend on cable when there’s free online streaming?

Netflix (23M)   Online Streaming (83M)   Cable (114M)   Movie Goers (1.5B)


© 2013 By D. Garvin

According to Jeff John Roberts of Paid Content, he claims “the number of Americans who pay for cable-like TV products is declining.  Also says that research forecasts claims that subscriptions peaked at nearly 101 million in 2011, but will decline to less than 95 million by 2017.” However, The NPD Group/2013 Online Gaming Study shows that when it comes to watching TV the issue is not television alone, it’s deciding what device to watch them on.  Gaming devices is not just for games anymore, people are using them to watch YouTube, play DVD’s and blue ray discs.  Either way you look at it, the way we watch TV is changing.

Not long ago, consumer options were very slim for higher end content viewing. But, today there is a vast array of options for the pickings.  There’s Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple and host of technological devices, including, PC’s, tablets and smart phones.

Technology is getting even smarter and they’re making it more convenient to watch anywhere via the cloud.  According to Laura Williams, employee of Comcast Cable stated“I don’t see cable TV going anywhere anytime soon, however cable sales has dropped drastically this year, but Internet sales has had a tremendous increase.”

Is Pay TV becoming a Thing of the Past?

Netflix monthly viewing exceeded 1 billion hours for the first time ever in June.  January 2012 Netflix experienced almost 50% increase in streaming hours.  Then It streamed 2 billion hours previously to the three-month quarter.  Market opened in July 2012 and Netflix experienced a continuous rise in stock, an increase of $70.45 to $81.72 by the end of the next trading day.

The Department of Justice announced that it will require Verizon and four of the nation’s largest cable companies to make changes to a number of agreements involving sales and services.  Companies include, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Well, not according Brian Stelter and Amy Chozick  of The New York Times.  As of May 2013, they say TV isn’t going anywhere, but with Video-on-Demand VOD it’s actually slowly gaining notable recognition.  With VOD, cable and satellite subscribers can now tune in “on demand” with their set-top boxes that goes on the television.

Now consumers can view TV episodes, movies, Networks shows from Fox, ABC and more.  Cable companies like Comcast understands the value of integrating the cable with online media and smart TV’s that’s internet ready.   It’s time to work together because the consumers are moving on with or without them; technology is making the consumers options easier than ever before.

Larry Magid of Forbes shares his thoughts on the direction of television.  He says he uses the Roku Boxes on TV’s throughout his home to stream HD.  The Roku box is another alternative to online streaming, while still watching TV on your flat screen at home.The box start at $50, you just plug it into your TV using your home network.  You have access to 100 free channels; you also get Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Disney, on-demand for a fee. The best part is you can take it with you wherever you go.

So, who says online streaming will take over? TV definitely isn’t going anywhere fast, also four major networks are working on streaming local & Network programming to mobile devices.






The Effects Of Internet, Technology And Social Media On The Music Industry

The Effects of the Internet, Technology and Social Media has had on the Music Industry

As social networking and technology evolve, more people are online adding more challenges for the music industry.  Has social networking become a problem for the music industry?

It can be hard for the recording industry to make money because so much of the music is readily available online free of charge. However, this doesn’t put the record label out of business; readjustments and strategic planning with marketing must be made in order to make money and become of value to the artists and the industry as a whole.

Bands and Artists are finding new ways to stay relevant and to make money. They seem to be doing just fine because they are keeping up with technology and social media, which is valuable tool and much more affordable, especially for new artists. Social media had made it possible to create, promote and sell in the comfort of your home.

As I watch Tour Manager, Andre Washington setup, he says “Artist’s still make a major part of their money touring and states that technology will never replace the love of music and the human connection artist’s makes with their fans during live performances”.


Photo compliments of Andre Washington (C) 2013

Today, online skills should automatically become a part of every artist requirements for the industry.   It allows artists to become closer to their art because they’re not tied to what the record labels would normally do to create a product.  Just as YouTube has made people famous without a label, success is still at your reach while simply working in the comfort of your own home.


(c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin

According to Wade Jones, CEO/Co-Founder of Peach City Records, he stated that being a newly formed label, social media help to make the journey exciting. “To have the opportunity to get my artists exposed to a wider audience on a very low budget would not have been possible just a few years ago.”

Digitization of content has become inevitable in this age of technology. From the creation of music to the consumption of music, it all demonstrates how it has become digitized. Take IPOD’s, smart phones and tablets for example, and even apps created for these devices, they’re all the creation of digital technology.


(c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin

According to Pandodaily,  “popular digital music services have been criticized for not paying enough in royalties to the rights holders.  It escalated into a debate with Congress in the form of the Internet Radio Fairness Act, a bill that aims to change the way royalty rates are set.”

Because the labels and digital music are helping each other today, digital music sales have gone up drastically.   Services like Song Kick and bands in town are platforms that bring people to shows, which is how most artists make their revenues.  Technology has definitely shifted the control of the record label to the control of the artists.

Social media had made it possible to bring all sides together, and allow more freedom for artist’s creativity.  But, don’t get it twisted, record labels are still needed and used today because someone has to do all the legwork.  In the end it’s a lot of work, and the coming together of the old and the new as a team can be very profitable.