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Frantz Fortune Takes the Initiative to Help Get Homeless Vets Off the Streets

Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia (VEO) & Frantz Fortune

VEO for Homeless Vets from Dawn on Vimeo.

Frantz Fortune is the Executive Director of Veterans Empowerment Organization, also known as (VEO).  This organization was created & founded by Frantz Fortune, a social worker with years of experience working directly with the homeless population.  40yr old Frantz Fortune is a dedicated husband who has been married 17 years and a father of two, ages 8 years and 16 years old.  Fortune is a native of Haiti and has resided in the states for the past 22 years. Prior to running the VEO Program, Fortune was a real estate investor that began in 1999, up until the economic crash in 2008.  During that time Fortune took advantage of the crash and created an opportunity to build the Veterans Empowerment Organization.  He says it keeps him very busy, but it’s something he loves doing.  Fortune stated “I’m a selfless person and I have a desire to help.”


Frantz Fortune, Founder and Executive Director of (VEO) Veterans Empowerment Organization of Georgia, seeking support to help get homeless vets off the streets.

Frantz made a point to say that “I don’t let trouble bother me, I just do what is needed to help.”  He even explained to his     children “you’re going to have to share daddy” knowing that the time spent away from home will be time invested in helping   feed, clothe and shelter the homeless vets and to help them to regain their independence and dignity.  “I have an awesome wife who allows me to be away while she takes care of home, so I can work” says Fortune.  His passion for serving others is a part of who he is but, he also remembers when he left a third world country to come to the United States, how he was afforded opportunities when he needed it; looks like he’s paying it forward, literally Fortune has used most of his own money to develop this program, but he can’t do it alone;  any support is always welcomed and appreciated.

Frantz has big ideas, big dreams and a desire to see a VEO opened in every city and/or state in the U.S.  He would even like to see other organizations like VEO help to solve what he calls a crisis, stating that there are 300,000 homeless vets in the U.S. and 2,000 in Atlanta alone.  He Spends time getting to know the Vets, which helped him to learn the man and understand them as humans and not just homeless.  Fortune is very ambitious in his dreams and desires to help the homeless; he also has a desire and goal to open a canteen to feed the homeless.  According to VEO, today Fortune is helping Atlanta to solve its homelessness problem through his work with The United Way and the Positive Outlook Foundation.  “We seek to create living conditions that will promote independence, dignity, and a sense of purpose for veterans who are currently under served and in need, including the mentally ill, those who have substance abuse problems, or physical disabilities.”

To help Frantz Fortune in his quest to get homeless veterans off the streets, don’t hesitate to stop by the VEO of Georgia to  lend a helping hand or donate food, money, or your time.  They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter, every little bit  helps, so be a blessing.






The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Family




Donations for AIDS (c) 2013


Prevention is the Best Protection

CarolineTolbert, The wife of Gospel Recording artist, Terrell Tolbert of Atlanta Ga. briefly discusses how the family has to deal with the heartache and trials of losing not just one, but two loved ones to the devastating Disease of HIV/AIDS.  According to Mitchell both brother and sister died of the AIDS virus in the same year of 1989, just months apart.  When a family member becomes sick or even dies everyone suffers, very rarely does it happen to two members of the same immediate family at the same time, which is a double impact.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “African Americans are the racial ethnic group most affected by HIV in the United States.”



(c) 2013 Photo taken at Caroline’s home by D. Garvin

In 2010 an estimated 44% of all new HIV infections cases among adults and adolescents were African Americans, and although African Americans only represent a small percentage 12%-14% of the country’s population, African Americans account for a higher proportion of HIV infections at every stage of the disease. This epidemic has been increasingly growing, HIV is commonly transmitted through anal, vaginal sex or sharing needles with an infected person.  So, the question would be what is being done to address these concerns and where are they in the curing of the disease?


Sewing a quilt to leave a part of you behind after gone from AIDS (C) 2013

There has been recent talk of a cure for HIV/AIDS in some patients, however they are still In the research phase, however there is more room for the hope for a cure today, then ever before.  Just as Caroline has mentioned about certain men not wanting to wear protection, until a cure is found be sure to protect yourself at all times.


AIDS Walk Sign (c) 2013




L. A. Jackson Celebrates The First Release of His Seven Volume Book “Musicology 2101”

LA Jackson 091413 2 from Dawn on Vimeo.

On September 14, 2013, Friends, family and music Industry players come together in support of L.A Jackson for his newly released book Musicology 2101 at his book signing party, the book was released earlier this year.  The event was held in Riverdale, Ga. a popular south side spot called Blitz Sports Bar & Grill. Also in attendance was Wade Jones, business partner/Co-Founder of the Peach City Record label. Jones and Jackson have formed not only a great business/partnership, but they’ve also formed a great friendship in the process, as Jones speaks highly of Jackson and shows strong support of  his book.

The book signing also included a sneak peek of a few of the artists on his Exposer 3, CD.  Artists include, Warren J. Gallimore, Kimosha Letoi, Lion Tafari, Elliot Holden, Doja and last but not least, Young Steve released through L.A Jackson’s own MKM Multi-Media Works Entertainment.  The book signing was also an opportunity to introduce a few of the artists that’s a part of the MKM Entertainment Company. It was a great turn out, lots of  fun, food, music and great performances, enough to satisfy the senses. To find out more information about what L.A Jackson, the artists on the compilation Exposer CD and“Peach City Records” are up to, check out his Facebook page.


Tough Times Make Tough People

 L.A. Jackson embodies this old adage in just five words

  “Never Let the Dream Die”  

L.A Jackson

L.A Jackson Profile Story (c) 2013 Photo by Mike Blocker         Keep It Moving

L.A. Jackson, is a native of Kingston Jamaica, the capital of Jamaica.  He also speaks the native language called Jamaican Patois.  Jackson say’s Bob Marley is his idol because he demonstrated to him that It’s OK to be Jamaican and still accomplish your goals”.  Jackson’s motto has always been  Keeping It Moving”

The Early Years                                                                                                                              

As a young child in the mid 60’s, Jackson and his family relocated to Brooklyn New York where he grew up. He has a close relationship with his brother and sister.  His mother was a housekeeper and his father was the superintendent of the apartment building where they lived.   Jackson experienced the culture shock of racism or what some may call reverse racism. It was disturbing to young Jackson because it came from  his own race.  However, he was considered an outsider due to his Jamaican heritage; living in the ghetto around other children of color Jackson had no understanding of why he was teased, spat on and called crude names.

Although he faced discouraging opposition from his peers, he remained optimistic and used that opposition as his source of motivation to catapult himself to the next level. In the third grade he was placed in the (IGC) Intellectually Gifted Children program for three years in a row and by the fifth grade was made Valedictorian of his school.  His mentor and fifth grade teacher Bernard Percy saw great potential in Jackson and made him a contributing author to his nationally published books, including (How to Grow a Child: A child’s advice to parents, The Power of Creative Writing and Help your child).

From 1984-1994, Jackson spent 10 yrs marketing Columbia, Epic and Def Jam Records for Sony Music. In 2001, he executive produced the Atlanta Artist Against Violence CD, for the “Million Mom March Foundation” following the murder of a friend, DeKalb County Sheriff, Derwin Brown. This project lead him to manage Baba Oje, formerly of the musical group Arrested Development.


Jackson is President and Co-founder of Peach City Records in Atlanta and head of the marketing & sales dept. Jackson spends a major part of his day on the phone, online, and going to meetings & events.   He met Wade Jones at a music studio and they immediately connected and in less than a year formed a business partnership. According to Wade Jones Co-Founder/CEO, of Peach City Records,  “L.A is enthusiastic and energetic; he follows through on his great ideas and don’t mind sharing his expertise.”  He also states that “he has the gift of gab and knows how to rub elbows.” L.A. recently wrote his own seven series book called Musicology 2101. To further promote the book, he’s planning a book tour that includes musical groups.

Jackson have his hands full in several ventures, including his MKM Multi-Media Works company which oversees the media production of music, audio visual, home theater and sales of books & merchandise.  He’s also a member of the (NARIP) National Association of Record Industry Professionals, as well as the (GMIA) Georgia Music Industry Association.

Jackson’s favorite quote:

2013 COVER 

 “Everything Turns Out Right in the End.  If it isn’t Right, It isn’t the End”