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Independent Talent Come Together To Introduce Angelic Singz To The Atlanta Trance Dance Music Scene

Angelic Singz 3 from Dawn on Vimeo.

Angelic Singz, another one of Atlanta’s independent talent working her way into the music Industry debuting her first single called Atl Pretty Girls. Although this is Angelic’s first song to be released under nuqis music.  According to her producer, Angelic is no stranger to music and she also has a background of opera singing under her belt.  She performed at the 2013 Black History Month Parade in Atlanta, and is now being groomed to create an image for mainstream music. Angelic is realizing that it takes more than just pretty voice to make it in this industry, but a recognizable image necessary. The look for the cover of the Atl Pretty Girl Remix was implemented by Ward, however the style was a creation of Angelic, the image was the driving force of nuqis music and the creative eye was for the photos was from A. LO Photography. The overall collaboration from the three helped to pull together a great look and image for Angelic and  the C D cover for Atl Pretty Girls remix.

Herman Ward fondly known to his peers as Kat, is a local producer who has come a long way in the years of working in the music industry. Ward has worked his way up from production technician on tours ranging from Neyo to Usher and Janet Jackson to Limp Bizkit, just to name a few. He’s has produced music ranging from Hip Hop, rock and funk. He say’s “the mixture of genres is the formula he uses to create his style of dance music for nuqis music.  Nuqis Music and Angelic joined forces in collaboration for the Song Atl Pretty girls, which he says is the “Anthem for the pretty girls of Georgia.”

Arioel Lopez, also known as A. LO, is a man of many talents, he’s not only a successful photographer with a creative eye, but is also a popular online radio host for independent artist called A. LO also understands the importance of image from a perspective of both a photographer and a host for independent artists. He was hired to incorporate his skills and expertise to help make the vision come alive.


Wednesday Wind Down, Atlanta’s Free Annual Concert Series at Centennial Olympic Park

2013 Wind Down Wednesday at Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta Ga from Dawn on Vimeo.

Wednesday Wind down has been a fun filled summer event held from the month of May-September for the past 15yrs years at Centennial Olympic Park. This event brings together up to 1500 people annually to enjoy the music that fills the atmosphere every Wednesday evening.  This week featured band is “The 6:30 band” with lead Singers Josh Bias and Angelica Tucker.

Centennial Olympic Park began hosting events sometime after the completion of renovation for the Olympic Games in 1996. There are several Atlanta Landmarks that surrounds the park including, Georgia World Congress CenterGeorgia DomePhilips Arena, CNN Center, Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.  According to Centennial Park, it sponsors “community-wide free events, including the Fourth of July Celebration, Wednesday Wind Down concert series and Fourth Saturday Family Fun Days. The Park also hosts festivals, fundraisers and private events.” These events plus daily traffic brings an estimated three million visitors through the park.

The City of Atlanta hosts & sponsors of the event are Nature Care, Valley Crest, TruGreen, Airtran, and WAOK & 104.7 Radio Stations.  A host of other sponsors throughout the years have brought the best in music and live entertainment, from both local and national Bands including Blues, funk, R&B, jazz and more.  This week’s show featured performance was from the 630 band.  Be on the look out for even greater performances and more fun in the sun in the years to come.


Stone Mountain’s 2013 Yellow Daisy Festival: One of America’s Favorite Arts and Crafts Festival

Yellow Daisy Festival from Dawn Garvin on Vimeo.

Georgia hosts its 45th annual Yellow Daisy Arts & Crafts Festival at Stone Mountain Park. It features over 400 artists from all over the country. The festival is held annually during the month of September to celebrate the blooming of the Confederate Yellow Daisy. The confederate yellow daisy was discovered in 1846 on Stone Mountain, by Rev. Thomas Porter. In the fall the “extremely rare Confederate Yellow Daisy (the Helianthus Porteri) appear on the mountain, growing in the cracks and crevices of the rock, which are located in its natural habitat along the hiking trails on the mountain at the park.

The event started as a small arts and crafts show for the families and friends in the community, including shopping, live entertainment, and lots of good food. Over the years the event has grown tremendously into a four day event with artist from all over the country. The event continues to grow annually, yet maintaining a small town feel and family friendly atmosphere. Thousands of people attend the festival annually to experience the arts, crafts, music, trails, good food and fun.

Vendors display their crafts to the thousands of attendees annually, things such as pottery, basket-weaving, map-making, photography, wood carving, and a variety of art. According to Stone Mountain Park Events “The Daisy Festival was voted one of the top three arts & crafts shows in the nation by Sunshine Artist Magazine, a Southeast Tourism Society,  Top 20 Event and winner of multiple awards by the Southeast Festival and Events Association.”


Release Forms, Photos & Videos for Any Occasion: Know When to Protect Yourself

Everyone Loves Taking Photos & Videos for Just About Any Occasion:  How Do You Know When You’ve Crossed the Line of Hobby to Offender of the Law

Know How to Protect Yourself

In today’s world, people will whip out a camera, cellphone and even the tablet to capture the moment on video and photograph for just about any reason.  Whether it’s for work as a photographer, filmmaker, Journalism, or for just plain ole fun, once it’s upload to YouTube and/or your social networking page and any other public site; shooter beware!  It’s not like the times of old when things were much simpler and internet was not hugely popular.  Although there were always laws in place to protect people’s privacy or legal rights to prevent unlawful display of a person’s image in the professional world, those of you who do it for fun today take heed, the same rules may apply to you once you decide to cross the line of fun and into the realm of use for commercial and profit.

In film production, to protect yourself legally you should began researching and preparing all of the necessary waiver/release forms to collect any signature connected to your production.  Particularly for each identifiable actor and/or product such as logos and photos that you plan to have publicized that belongs to another.  There are a variety of release forms for a variety of situations such as location, property, talent, private events, interviews, underage children and more that involves commercial purposes.  If you’re a film student the rules still apply because you can also be sued for displaying work online, that’s why you should always protect yourself by getting release signed up front


Chris Donati Reviews a Release Form and Contract Before Signing. (c) 2013 Photo by D. Garvin

For instance, former film student Anthony Barr explains his issues with an actor after shooting his student film.  According to Barr, after the short film was shot the actor was disappointed in the way he was edited in the film and thought that film was not good enough to be published online and that no one would take him seriously after seeing the finished product.

Barr explains all of the hard work that went into it and disagreed.  After having several back and forth conversations about it, Barr felt that it was good and ignored his request because everyone else was satisfied and he decided to upload it anyway.

When the actor/friend found out that the movie went up, he called the school to complain and insisted that it be taken down.  Barr stated, he never thought it was that serious until the media department explained that the actor was in the right, he never signed a release form.  Barr says “it’s my own fault, I learned the hard way to always get a release form signed no matter who it is, especially friends.”  I’ll never let my guards down again!

Grabs pen

Donati Grabs pen in agreement to sign contract

A release form is like a contract, which is a written agreement between two parties for the purpose of protecting yourself from any future lawsuits that may include, claiming invasion of privacy or perhaps for money or profit.   However, laws differ depending on the jurisdiction and the state you live in when it pertains to the use of an individual’s image.

signed release

The Release Form is Signed

Understanding the law and the business side of online marketing, will save you money, time and protect you from a whole lot of future legal woes down the line.





The 36th Annual 2013 Atlanta Jazz Festival

The 36th Annual 2013 Atlanta Jazz Festival brings in about 50 Thousand plus Attendees Memorial Day Weekend

Group 3 (2)

Photo by L.A. Jackson

The Atlanta Jazz Festival is one of the Country’s Largest Free Jazz Festival, which takes place at Piedmont Park, located in the heart of midtown Atlanta.  Historical Piedmont Park is one of Atlanta’s prime locations for a host of annual events, including Midtown Music Festival, the Atlanta Pride Festival, Dogwood Festival, and many more.

The Annual Jazz Festival was originally created by the former Mayor of Atlanta Georgia, Maynard Jackson.  The first African-American Mayor of Atlanta, who has also had the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport named after him in his honor.

Alexandra Jackson

Atlanta 2013 Jazz Festival (c) 2013 Photo by Robb D. Cohen

One of the first time performers of this year’s event was Maynard Jackson’s youngest daughter, Singer Alexandra Jackson.

The Atlanta Jazz Festival organization says that they are a non-profit cultural organization, whose mission is to educate and entertain a diverse audience of jazz fans; and to nurture the next generation of jazz musicians.




Youtube clip by Only in the “A”

Here are just a few examples of some of the Atlanta Jazz Fest lineups:  Rialto Youth Jazz Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Gordon Vernick . Cécile McLorin Salvant, Dominick Farinacci, Meshell Ndegeocello, José James, Tia Fuller, Aruán Ortiz, Gretchen Parlato, and Rudresh Mahanthappa

The Publicist for the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Karen Hatchett Says the 2013’s theme for the festival is “Generation Next”.  This year’s festival is more about the new up and coming artists, focusing on the future generation of artists.  This year also included something for the youth, which are two of the youth jazz band competition winners from two local high schools Benjamin E. Mays High School Jazz Orchestra and Westlake High School Jazz Ensemble, which performed on stage for the event.

2013  Atlanta Jazz Fest

2013 Atlanta Jazz Festival, Photo by L.A Jackson

Group 4 (1)

Huge Crowd enjoying the 2013 Atlanta Jazz Festival (c) 2013 photo by D. Garvin

Atlanta Jazz Festival attendee, Tracy Sykes says “that the crowd was large, the weather was hot and the energy through the roof”.  Sykes, also stated “that the best time to attend the event was late in the evening due to the hot weather.”  She also made a point to say, along with many other attendees is, that the “event could have been a little better had there been a different or better lineup of performers.” Oh well, you can’t please them all!

Never-the-less, the Atlanta Jazz Festival is always the place to be for the Annual Memorial Day Weekend. Expect the event to get better and continue to grow annually, there’s always something for everyone.